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Why do I need to service my coffee machine?

Much like a car frequent servicing ensures your machine is running as effectively and efficiently as possible, The replacement of seals, filters and other essential parts ensures that your machine will be producing consistent great tasting coffee each and every time, and will limit the number of break downs over the life of a machine.

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How often does my machine need a service?

Each Manufacture is different but 90% of machines require a preventative maintenance service either 6 monthly or 12 monthly.

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What should I use to clean my machine?

Only use food safe coffee machine approved products this is not only to keep your machine safe for your customers but ensures the seals and other parts are protected during the process.

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How do I know if my machine needs a service?

Incorrect coffee level in cup, Group hand is difficult to load and lock into the group head, Coffee dispenses too quickly, Coffee dispenses too slowly, Coffee is being dispensed cold, Unable to froth milk, Stop button light flashing, Water temperature does not increase, Pump pressure is below 9 bar, Coffee leaks from the group head or filet basket, Leaking from the front of the machine under the drip tray, Leaking from the back of the machine

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How often should I replace my water filter?

Every 12 months as a minimum.

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How often should I clean my machine?

Machine Dependant but it is always a clean/rinse daily then in line with manufacturer requirements either monthly or weekly for a more in depth clean.