Capsule Systems

As you will be only too aware,

We are in unprecedented times…

…within the Hospitality trade, particularly in terms of staffing, and we are mindful that it not always possible to ensure that a trained member of staff is available to produce a comprehensive range of coffee based drinks, consistently and at speed, hence we have been looking at options, which whilst giving the quality and speed required, effectively deskills the process and minimises the cleaning routines.

With these aims in mind, we spoke with Lavazza, who suggested that their Lavazza Blue traditional machine might be a good option – this machine offers all the benefits of deskilling the drink making process, as with ‘ bean to cup’, whilst capturing the ‘theatre’ of drinks production and minimising the cleaning required. The 2 group machine features 2 ‘super steam’ arms which means that perfect foamed or steamed milk can be produced at the touch of a button, and also offers free flow steam so that drinks can be made as hot as any Customers may wish for. Also the use of steam arms facilitates the use of a range of milks, e.g. soya, oat, almond, if required.

These Machines use Lavazza’s own capsules including compostable and decaf options to ensure that the grams used, the tamping pressure and the water flow remains consistent with every drink without the need of a professional barista to operate the machine.

These Machines come in a variety of sizes and options to suit your environment please click the button below and we will be in contact to discuss your needs and work out what’s best for you and your customers.

Lavazza Blue

Traditional Machine