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Coffee, Tea & Stuff

Our comprehensive range of coffees, teas and stuff has been developed to cater for all styles and tastes. From premium origin to perfect blends, we can help you to create the ideal drinks menu and put coffee where it deserves to be – at the heart of your business.

Excellent Service

We are passionate about providing an excellent service, from the delivery of products, the technical support of your equipment and the day-in, day-out help and advice which will enable you to provide your customers with a ‘best in class’ hot drinks experience.

Office & Retail

We supply a wide range of market leading equipment suitable for all retail and office environments. Our offer includes some of the most innovative, stylish and reliable machines available today. Featuring leading technology and energy efficiency, our machines can help you deliver quality in the cup and sell more hot drinks.

Customer Satisfaction

Our coffees, teas and machines are only part of what makes the perfect drink. To get it right every time also takes a fair bit of skill, knowledge and passion. Coffee & Stuff will work with you to ensure on-going training support for your staff, and regular drink menu review and development.

We also offer a range of machines

To fulfill all requirements

At Coffee and Stuff, we’re committed to satisfying every coffee lover’s unique preferences. In addition to our exquisite selection of premium coffee beans and accessories, we also offer a diverse range of coffee machines to fulfill all requirements. Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a casual coffee enthusiast, our inventory includes a variety of machines designed to meet your specific needs. From sleek, compact espresso makers for the modern office, to high-capacity commercial models for businesses, we’ve got your coffee-making needs covered. Explore our extensive collection to find the perfect coffee machine that will elevate your daily coffee ritual to a new level of perfection.